Membership Policies

Member Eligibility

Membership to ACE is open to any company, organization, group, or individual. Vendors and consultants of companies that offer compliance-related products or services are welcome to join as Associate Members.  Please contact for more information on Associate Membership.

Membership Levels and Benefits

There are 3 Individual Membership levels: Individual,  Nonprofit/Government, and Student/Academic and 1 Organization Membership level: Corporate.  Corporate members receive 6 seats, and may purchase Additional Corporate Seats as needed.

Membership Duration

Individual Memberships are effective for a maximum period of 365 days from the date of purchase.  For example, if you begin your membership on February 1 this year, it will be active until March 31 the following year.

Organization Memberships are effective until December 31 of the membership year.  ie) If you join for 2020, your membership is active from the day you join until December 31, 2020.


Members all agree on the confidentiality provision included in the application: “By submitting this application for ACE membership, I agree and certify that I will not use, communicate or reproduce confidential, sensitive or proprietary information discussed or otherwise provided at ACE meetings outside of ACE meetings, except to individuals known to be authorized to receive such information or with the express written permission of the proprietor.”

Guest Attendees

Prospective ACE members are welcome to attend one Lunch & Learn as our guest (except the Ethics Week event) so that you can meet other ACE members and see how ACE can benefit you and your colleagues. Alternatively, you may attend one event as a guest of a current member.If you would like to attend a meeting as our guest, would like to join or sponsor ACE, or if we can answer any questions or provide any additional information, please email ACE at

Refusal or Suspension of Membership

ACE’s Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse or suspend membership privileges. Such decision will be based on a majority vote of the Board and the reasons for such decisions will be provided. No refunds will be given. No solicitation of business is permitted. Any solicitation for business by members may lead to expulsion.

Membership Refunds

All ACE Roundtable Memberships are non-refundable.

Complaints & Concerns

The Atlanta Compliance and Ethics Roundtable strives to conduct events and provide services according to the codes of ethics and rules of conduct. If you have a complaint about a speaker, our staff, the facility, or the association, please use one of the following procedures. If the complaint is regarding an individual, please be prepared to describe the person and their actions, and alert the meeting coordinator.

  1. At an onsite event, you may give your complaint to a board member or the registration agent.
  2. Contact our management team at or 678.916.3059.